Tuesday, August 7, 2012

At Long Last - Published!

After a long, long road my first novel, CATALYST: Guardian Rising, has been published. It is currently available through Keith Publishing and their genre label D'INKWELL PRESS. Later this week it will be available through Amazon.com.

Writing is my first love, and this story and its interwoven characters have been a part of my life for many years. When my children were young and I was up at odd hours with them, Vivienne was the one who entertained me as I slept in chairs and curled up on the floor beside the crib. As the story began to expand and the notebook grew and grew, I began to regard this as a project, then a quest. Now it is a dream realized.

There are many people to thank and many more to acknowledge, but there is room and time for that at a later time. Right now I just want to thank three people: my family.

First is helpful hubby, who patiently waited and picked up my slack as I spent hours staring at the computer and walking around with my thoughts selfishly turned inward. From our first 'official' date I knew he would be my soul mate and these past twenty-five years have been all the sweeter for being with him.

Then comes darling daughter, who has suffered the most for the all meals I haven't cooked and the dusting I haven't done. Thank God she is  self-sufficient and does her own laundry and preparations. But she learned a more important lesson - go for your dreams. If it is meant to be, then fight for it. It will be!

Last but certainly not the least is my soulful son, the musician and poet whose departure from our family nest brought my own personal catalyst to the forefront. He will always be a 'beautiful soul' to me.

So, head on over, purchase my premier novel then settle back for a good read. And let me know if you have questions. If they haven't already been answered her let me know and I will be happy to provide more information.

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