Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Characters and a New Storyline

Zhan - Crown Prince of the Eastern Empire, talent - Warrior.

Kai, daughter of the Regent of Heret, Eastern Empire, talent - Healer (empathic).
Zhan's father is murdered in a coup instigated by the head of the Imperial Army, General Yuan; who seeks to place his own nephew on the throne.  On the run for his life, Zhan intends to defect to the West and ask Vivienne to back his claim to the Eastern throne.
Kai is the only daughter of the emperor's best friend, the regent of Heret. Gifted with the talent of enhancement, she can grow a mighty oak within weeks, but her talent can be deadly to humans. Destined to wed the next emperor will she stay with Zhan, her childhood crush, or hide from Yuan and his strange nephew Narum?
Two strangers whose lives will intersect with Vivienne and Devon before the final showdown between the Guardian and Alastyre.