Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Hero - Devon

With an intriguing heroine, I needed a special hero and found one in the person of Devon, a prince from the Northern Tribal Kingdom, youngest brother of the king, Der. Physically he is similar to all the Northern people, tall with dark hair and ruddy complexion. His eyes are green whereas most Northerns have dark brown. They have no individual talents, such as Mysticism or Healing. They are called "Blood Warriors" because they have developed skills which allow them to excel in War Craft. Chief among these is exceptional night vision. The whites of their eyes will darken to black at night to allow them to capture enough ambient light to see through the darkest night.

As the third son of a king, there were no expectations Devon would ever sit on the throne, so he was steered toward more military careers and during his time of study prior to the age of sixteen excelled at Tracking and Reconnaissance. A suitable marriage was arranged to a talented Healer named Hana, from the Hawq Tribe. While several years older than Devon, Hana was a warrior who desired to make a change to the Healing discipline. Everything was running according to plan until the night of the Princess Vivienne's birth, at the winter house of King Der and his wife, Mari. Devon and Hana were home from the Druid Fortress and the middle brother Theirran was also home from his assignment to the Western Army.

That night only Devon and Hana were present for the birth of the baby princess followed soon after by the death of Queen Katarina of the Western Kingdom. Devon was dispersed to reach his brother and King Philippe of the West at their battle field tent. That was the diversion needed to bring Minnlin to the house to deliver Katarina's child. By the time Devon returns, the Queen is dead, Hana is dead and the renegade Druid is holding the moments old infant Vivienne. A small argument ensues and Minnlin shoves the baby girl into Devon's arms, swirls his arms above their heads and created a binding so intense nothing can break them apart.

Bound now to a child through Mysticism he does not understand, Devon become the Life Protector and Commander of the Princess's Guard.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who are all these people?

My model for saving a remnant of the human race is the creation of Sanctuary. For centuries sanctuaries have been centers of refuge in time of trouble. Scientists, mathematicians, writers, artisans of all trades will build 40 different refuges able to withstand long periods of time after nuclear apocalypse. Within these centers they preserved not only human life, but also plants, animals and knowledge.

The original inhabitants of each Sanctuary numbered 1000, representing 20 distinct ethnici groups While some centers were populated by favoritism, a few were more insightful in their selection methods. These decided to include a cross section of society as a whole, from the rich and powerful to the meek and talented. This increased their chances of success tenfold. The centers which found themselves full of scientists soon found themselves drawing straws to complete menial tasks.

All centers were outfitted with water and air purification systems, controlled farmland, animal habitats, living space and most important, computer centers outfitted with specialty constructed generators. Alternative forms of communication between centers was created, knowing that satellite reception and transmission would be almost nil after the bombs fell. The locations were carefully selected based on geographic stability.

Over the centuries, individual labels such as 'scientist' or 'farmer' disappeared and experts in all fields began to be called 'Druids' after the legendary ancient priests. Men studied all areas of knowledge instead of specializing in one. Things from before the destruction were pondered and debated upon to see if they would contribute to society or lead men down the road to ruin again.

After the air was bearable again and humans returned to the surface for a permanent residence, the Sanctuaries slowly began to fall into disrepair. Most have been lost to time but a few remain. Only the Central Plains Sanctuary remains intact both in structure and in contents. For that reason the exact location of the Sanctuary has been kept and protected by the Central Plains Nomads, direct descendants of the scientists who became Druids after they decided to save the world.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Presenting The Main Characters - Vivienne

Vivienne is the heroine of my story. First of all, any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidence and not intended. I'm not that kind of person. That said: our heroine is nineteen years old when our story begins, tall (5',9"), thin but well muscled, good old fashioned lean I would say and very much a tomboy child. She was raised to one day govern a country so her education was wide ranging. Archery, swordsmanship, politics and diplomacy were are intended to prepare her to one day be the Queen of the Western Kingdom.

Many years before Vivienne was born, her grandfather Minnlin began planning the genetic combination required to handle the emergency he had foreseen. In the process he gave this royal child two distinct traits. Her eyes waiver from deepest purple when working with elemental energy to the grey of a stormy sky when her Healer traits are required. Vivienne's normal everyday eye color is lavender.

Her second and most remarkable attribute would be her silver white hair. Some describe it as moonlight captured in her hair, but it was actually the silver white of lightning streaking across the night sky. No dye would change it, no cut by scissors remained for long. Whether hanging to her waist or as most often braided it could be seen like a beacon from afar. She's also possessed of a queen-sized case of self-doubt and it takes a lot for her to be convinced of the special talents Minnlin bred into her.

Minnlin was an enemy of the land known as the Five Kingdoms. As a young man he had led an uprising against the established order to obtain the Books of Knowledge left by the Sanctuary located withing the Central Plains. In actuality he was setting in motion a very long game which would culminate in the deeds his grandchild would accomplish. That child was his main concern.

On the day of Vivienne's birth, many things went wrong. These range from the death of innocent people to the loss of her mother in the process of childbirth. But it was the actions undertaken by Minnlin after the delivery that scarred her more than all the other events combine. In order to complete the vision Minnlin had seen of the child as a young woman, he was propelled to twin the information into an older teenager to assist the child with all the tasks she would be required to undertake. That teenager would become Vivienne's lifelong protector and eventual husband - the Prince Devon of the Northern Tribal Kingdom, age sixteen at the time of her birth.

Vivienne is a complex character. Carrying the guilt of her mother's death, even though nothing was her fault, has warped her sense of self-worth. Kept from playing with other children because of her royal status, her only constant companion was Devon. They created between themselves a connection above and apart from simple protection. While many considered them strange, the relationship helped Vivienne in more ways than it harmed.

Having Devon close helps when Vivienne is assaulted by one of her many dreams. For her dreams and nightmares are both memories and visions, sometimes terrifying and sometimes confusing Vivienne needs Devon's maturity to see through the dreams to the truth contained within them.