Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So, I want to write Science Fiction/Fantasy

Three years my oldest went to college. With all my 'free time', I decided to pursue a long hidden ambition - write a book. A life long fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, I set out to put my dream to paper. The result is the recently published saga, CATALYST - Guardian Rising. This blog will serve two purposes. One - to provide some of the back story to the novel and Two - take everyone along on my road to and beyond publication.

CATALYST is set in a post apocalyptic Earth, five thousand years after the threat of nuclear devastation became a reality. What set this idea is motion is a fact-based venture - the Seed Bank in Norway. I began thinking, if we can keep seeds secure for a cataclysmic event, what about the rest of man's works? Could secure facilities be built to house computers, animals, humans, to survive an indefinite length of time before the surface of the planet was inhabitable again?  Of course, in my world they can and were built.

These centers were Sanctuaries, and the remnant of mankind protected themselves in these secure centers for thousands of years, slowly changing as a species just as the earth evolve into a new planet. Art, music, philosophy, mathematics, poetry - all this and more saved to assist society rebuild on the surface. Each Sanctuary was provided with their own set of information and professional base upon which to rely. Some were devoted to specific studies while others were more diverse. Inside these centers man waited while the world changed.

Now, more than five thousand years after man ruined his only home, there is another threat. Has humanity learned their lesson or will they fail the test?

I invite everyone to come and explore my vision of a future and possible path for humanity. I know thousands of people out there are writing books and my odds of being the next Stephanie Meyers are thin, but if I didn't try I would regret the lost opportunity for the rest of my life. Now I am going to throw things out into the cybervoid and see what you, the reading public, think. At times I will be writing on my journey through the frustration of being an author and a mother and several other things all at one time, but mainly I will be expanding on my world.

One favor - be gentle. As a 'newbie' to both blogging and writing, I simply ask you please not to lob all your bombs at one time, but spread them out. Hopefully I will win you over and those bombs will become roses.

NOTE: CATALYST IS NOW AVAILABLE AT:   http://www.dinkwell.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_102&products_id=57. It will be on  Amazon by the end of the week.